Art School
Art school with 40 year history placed in Moscow. its creators are the successors of constructivism, "paper architects", who dream of the development of architecture. And the future, as we know, belongs to children.
Our mission was to maintain continuity and adapt the existing identity to modern requirements. Develop a clear and convenient sign language, create a website and corporate identity items. The main symbol - giraffe - the Tatlin Tower. The giraffe is the personification of curiosity, constant search, an inquisitive mind, those qualities that are so important for an architect. And the Tatlin Tower is a reference to constructivist roots. This symbol was invented by a student of the START.
The corporate identity is based on Bauhaus designs. The primary open colors are blue, yellow and red, bold graphic compositions, rigid grid layout and other techniques typical of the design of that era. Children's arts are integrated into these techniques. Together this creates a bright, colorful, fun and eye catchingbrand identity.