We're all bound by invisible lines of energy. And there are places where these lines cross — giving us the opportunity to connect with each other.
Creative Diaspora is one of those places.

The goal was to connect all parts of this space: cafe, gallery, co-working area, master classes, concept store for better service.
From the existing sketchy logo to the full branding with doodles and sketches.
After many sketches, we arrived at a logo design that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the Lebedev Gallery. This logo informed the rest of our branding strategy, including a color palette inspired by the vibrant works of the Lebedev family. Each direction within the gallery was assigned a distinct color, making navigation effortless, yet unnoticed.
We extended the design to various materials, including posters, business cards, badges, staff uniforms, souvenirs, museum labels, exhibition texts, and tickets. By aligning everything with our design and ideas, we aimed to create a connective and memorable experience for visitors.
Our next big thing was to design a website for the Lebedev Gallery and a virtual museum dedicated to Irina Lebedeva.
We're excited to offer you a glimpse of what we've created. We invite you to explore the entire website to learn more about the talented patchwork artist and her family from Kasimov.